Schnitzel with French fries

Dining out

You can stay with us again! To ensure everyone's safety, we ask for either proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a test that is no more than 48 hours old. Furthermore, the safety measures inside the hotel still apply: please remember your mask, disinfect/wash your hands regularly and keep the necessary distance.

Nearby test centers are available in Manderscheid, Wittlich, and also in Daun.

We will again offer breakfast and meals in the restaurant, provided that the incidence number remains below 50.

You can still find our out-of-home menu here:

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Don't feel like cooking? Or there is a surprise visit or ... many other things that could get in the way of your cooking. Why not order from our dining-out menu and enjoy the delicious dishes at home?

Although our hotel is still only open for business travelers at the moment, we still offer you our dining-out menu. Find our offer right here: